Quick Start

Welcome to your new PieCrust website!

Since you don’t seem to have any blog post or home page created yet, here’s a quick reference of things you probably want to do next. All chef commands need to be run from inside your website’s directory.

For more information, refer to the documentation. This message will go away as soon as you’ve written your first blog post, or after you set the hide_quickstart setting to true in the site configuration (i.e. in config.yml under the site section).

Create a new page

Run chef prepare page my-new-page, where my-new-page is the URL slug you want for your new page. This can contain sub-directories, like so: about/my-new-page.

Create a new blog post

Run chef prepare post my-new-post-slug, where my-new-post-slug is the URL slug you want for your new post. Unlike pages, this shouldn’t contain any sub-directories.

Bake your site

Run chef bake.

Preview your site

Run chef serve, and point your browser to http://localhost:8080.