hg paths

show aliases for remote repositories



hg paths [NAME]


Show definition of symbolic path name NAME. If no name is given, show definition of all available names.

Option -q/--quiet suppresses all output when searching for NAME and shows only the path names when listing all definitions.

Path names are defined in the [paths] section of your configuration file and in /etc/mercurial/hgrc. If run inside a repository, .hg/hgrc is used, too.

The path names default and default-push have a special meaning. When performing a push or pull operation, they are used as fallbacks if no location is specified on the command-line. When default-push is set, it will be used for push and default will be used for pull; otherwise default is used as the fallback for both. When cloning a repository, the clone source is written as default in .hg/hgrc.


default and default-push apply to all inbound (e.g. hg incoming) and outbound (e.g. hg outgoing, hg email and hg bundle) operations.

See hg help urls for more information.


The following keywords are supported. See also hg help templates.

name:String. Symbolic name of the path alias.
pushurl:String. URL for push operations.
url:String. URL or directory path for the other operations.

Returns 0 on success.


-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template