hg outgoing

show changesets not found in the destination



hg outgoing [-M] [-p] [-n] [-f] [-r REV]... [DEST]


Show changesets not found in the specified destination repository or the default push location. These are the changesets that would be pushed if a push was requested.

See pull for details of valid destination formats.

With -B/--bookmarks, the result of bookmark comparison between local and remote repositories is displayed. With -v/--verbose, status is also displayed for each bookmark like below:

BM1               01234567890a added
BM2                            deleted
BM3               234567890abc advanced
BM4               34567890abcd diverged
BM5               4567890abcde changed

The action taken when pushing depends on the status of each bookmark:

added:push with -B will create it
deleted:push with -B will delete it
advanced:push will update it
diverged:push with -B will update it
changed:push with -B will update it

From the point of view of pushing behavior, bookmarks existing only in the remote repository are treated as deleted, even if it is in fact added remotely.

Returns 0 if there are outgoing changes, 1 otherwise.


-f, --force run even when the destination is unrelated
-r, --rev <REV[+]>
 a changeset intended to be included in the destination
-n, --newest-first
 show newest record first
-B, --bookmarks
 compare bookmarks
-b, --branch <BRANCH[+]>
 a specific branch you would like to push
-p, --patch show patch
-g, --git use git extended diff format
-l, --limit <NUM>
 limit number of changes displayed
-M, --no-merges
 do not show merges
--stat output diffstat-style summary of changes
-G, --graph show the revision DAG
--style <STYLE>
 display using template map file (DEPRECATED)
-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template
-e, --ssh <CMD>
 specify ssh command to use
--remotecmd <CMD>
 specify hg command to run on the remote side
--insecure do not verify server certificate (ignoring web.cacerts config)
-S, --subrepos recurse into subrepositories

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times