hg heads

show branch heads



hg heads [-ct] [-r STARTREV] [REV]...


With no arguments, show all open branch heads in the repository. Branch heads are changesets that have no descendants on the same branch. They are where development generally takes place and are the usual targets for update and merge operations.

If one or more REVs are given, only open branch heads on the branches associated with the specified changesets are shown. This means that you can use hg heads . to see the heads on the currently checked-out branch.

If -c/--closed is specified, also show branch heads marked closed (see hg commit --close-branch).

If STARTREV is specified, only those heads that are descendants of STARTREV will be displayed.

If -t/--topo is specified, named branch mechanics will be ignored and only topological heads (changesets with no children) will be shown.

Returns 0 if matching heads are found, 1 if not.


-r, --rev <STARTREV>
 show only heads which are descendants of STARTREV
-t, --topo show topological heads only
-a, --active show active branchheads only (DEPRECATED)
-c, --closed show normal and closed branch heads
--style <STYLE>
 display using template map file (DEPRECATED)
-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template