This extension provides the hg show command, which provides a central command for displaying commonly-accessed repository data and views of that data.

The following config options can influence operation.



List of strings that will register aliases for views. e.g. s will effectively set config options alias.s<view> = show <view> for all views. i.e. hg swork would execute hg show work.

Aliases that would conflict with existing registrations will not be performed.



show various repository information:

hg show VIEW

A requested view of repository data is displayed.

If no view is requested, the list of available views is shown and the command aborts.


There are no backwards compatibility guarantees for the output of this command. Output may change in any future Mercurial release.

Consumers wanting stable command output should specify a template via -T/--template.

List of available views:

bookmarks bookmarks and their associated changeset

stack current line of work

work changesets that aren't finished


-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template