This extension allows you to specify shortcuts for parent URLs with a lot of repositories to act like a scheme, for example:

py =

After that you can use it like:

hg clone py://trunk/

Additionally there is support for some more complex schemas, for example used by Google Code:

gcode = http://{1}

The syntax is taken from Mercurial templates, and you have unlimited number of variables, starting with {1} and continuing with {2}, {3} and so on. This variables will receive parts of URL supplied, split by /. Anything not specified as {part} will be just appended to an URL.

For convenience, the extension adds these schemes by default:

py =
bb =
bb+ssh = ssh://
gcode = https://{1}
kiln = https://{1}

You can override a predefined scheme by defining a new scheme with the same name.