This extension implements hooks to send email notifications when changesets are sent from or received by the local repository.

First, enable the extension as explained in hg help extensions, and register the hook you want to run. incoming and changegroup hooks are run when changesets are received, while outgoing hooks are for changesets sent to another repository:

# one email for each incoming changeset
incoming.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook
# one email for all incoming changesets
changegroup.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook

# one email for all outgoing changesets
outgoing.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook

This registers the hooks. To enable notification, subscribers must be assigned to repositories. The [usersubs] section maps multiple repositories to a given recipient. The [reposubs] section maps multiple recipients to a single repository:

# key is subscriber email, value is a comma-separated list of repo patterns
user@host = pattern

# key is repo pattern, value is a comma-separated list of subscriber emails
pattern = user@host

A pattern is a glob matching the absolute path to a repository, optionally combined with a revset expression. A revset expression, if present, is separated from the glob by a hash. Example:

*/widgets#branch(release) =

This sends to whenever a changeset on the release branch triggers a notification in any repository ending in widgets.

In order to place them under direct user management, [usersubs] and [reposubs] sections may be placed in a separate hgrc file and incorporated by reference:

config = /path/to/subscriptionsfile

Notifications will not be sent until the notify.test value is set to False; see below.

Notifications content can be tweaked with the following configuration entries:

If True, print messages to stdout instead of sending them. Default: True.

Space-separated list of change sources. Notifications are activated only when a changeset's source is in this list. Sources may be:

serve:changesets received via http or ssh
pull:changesets received via hg pull
unbundle:changesets received via hg unbundle
push:changesets sent or received via hg push
bundle:changesets sent via hg unbundle

Default: serve.

Number of leading slashes to strip from url paths. By default, notifications reference repositories with their absolute path. notify.strip lets you turn them into relative paths. For example, notify.strip=3 will change /long/path/repository into repository. Default: 0.
Default email domain for sender or recipients with no explicit domain.
Style file to use when formatting emails.
Template to use when formatting emails.
Template to use when run as an incoming hook, overriding notify.template.
Template to use when run as an outgoing hook, overriding notify.template.
Template to use when running as a changegroup hook, overriding notify.template.
Maximum number of diff lines to include in notification email. Set to 0 to disable the diff, or -1 to include all of it. Default: 300.
Maximum number of diffstat lines to include in notification email. Set to -1 to include all of it. Default: -1.
Maximum number of characters in email's subject line. Default: 67.
Set to True to include a diffstat before diff content. Default: True.
If set, override diff.showfunc for the diff content. Default: None.
If True, send notifications for merge changesets. Default: True.
If set, append mails to this mbox file instead of sending. Default: None.
If set, use the committer of the first changeset in a changegroup for the "From" field of the notification mail. If not set, take the user from the pushing repo. Default: False.

If set, the following entries will also be used to customize the notifications:

Email From address to use if none can be found in the generated email content.
Root repository URL to combine with repository paths when making references. See also notify.strip.