This extension adds a new command: hg journal, which shows you where bookmarks were previously located.



show the previous position of bookmarks and the working copy:

hg journal [OPTION]... [BOOKMARKNAME]

The journal is used to see the previous commits that bookmarks and the working copy pointed to. By default the previous locations for the working copy. Passing a bookmark name will show all the previous positions of that bookmark. Use the --all switch to show previous locations for all bookmarks and the working copy; each line will then include the bookmark name, or '.' for the working copy, as well.

If name starts with re:, the remainder of the name is treated as a regular expression. To match a name that actually starts with re:, use the prefix literal:.

By default hg journal only shows the commit hash and the command that was running at that time. -v/--verbose will show the prior hash, the user, and the time at which it happened.

Use -c/--commits to output log information on each commit hash; at this point you can use the usual --patch, --git, --stat and --template switches to alter the log output for these.

hg journal -T json can be used to produce machine readable output.


--all show history for all names
-c, --commits show commit metadata
-p, --patch show patch
-g, --git use git extended diff format
-l, --limit <NUM>
 limit number of changes displayed
--stat output diffstat-style summary of changes
--style <STYLE>
 display using template map file (DEPRECATED)
-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template