The hgk extension allows browsing the history of a repository in a graphical way. It requires Tcl/Tk version 8.4 or later. (Tcl/Tk is not distributed with Mercurial.)

hgk consists of two parts: a Tcl script that does the displaying and querying of information, and an extension to Mercurial named hgk.py, which provides hooks for hgk to get information. hgk can be found in the contrib directory, and the extension is shipped in the hgext repository, and needs to be enabled.

The hg view command will launch the hgk Tcl script. For this command to work, hgk must be in your search path. Alternately, you can specify the path to hgk in your configuration file:

path = /location/of/hgk

hgk can make use of the extdiff extension to visualize revisions. Assuming you had already configured extdiff vdiff command, just add:


Revisions context menu will now display additional entries to fire vdiff on hovered and selected revisions.



start interactive history viewer:

hg view [-l LIMIT] [REVRANGE]

start interactive history viewer


-l, --limit <NUM>
 limit number of changes displayed