The functionality of this extension has been include in core Mercurial since version 2.3. Please use hg log -G ... instead.

This extension adds a --graph option to the incoming, outgoing and log commands. When this options is given, an ASCII representation of the revision graph is also shown.



show revision history alongside an ASCII revision graph:

hg glog [OPTION]... [FILE]

Print a revision history alongside a revision graph drawn with ASCII characters.

Nodes printed as an @ character are parents of the working directory.

This is an alias to hg log -G.


-f, --follow follow changeset history, or file history across copies and renames
--follow-first only follow the first parent of merge changesets (DEPRECATED)
-d, --date <DATE>
 show revisions matching date spec
-C, --copies show copied files
-k, --keyword <TEXT[+]>
 do case-insensitive search for a given text
-r, --rev <REV[+]>
 show the specified revision or revset
--removed include revisions where files were removed
-m, --only-merges
 show only merges (DEPRECATED)
-u, --user <USER[+]>
 revisions committed by user
--only-branch <BRANCH[+]>
 show only changesets within the given named branch (DEPRECATED)
-b, --branch <BRANCH[+]>
 show changesets within the given named branch
-P, --prune <REV[+]>
 do not display revision or any of its ancestors
-p, --patch show patch
-g, --git use git extended diff format
-l, --limit <NUM>
 limit number of changes displayed
-M, --no-merges
 do not show merges
--stat output diffstat-style summary of changes
-G, --graph show the revision DAG
--style <STYLE>
 display using template map file (DEPRECATED)
-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template
-I, --include <PATTERN[+]>
 include names matching the given patterns
-X, --exclude <PATTERN[+]>
 exclude names matching the given patterns

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times