This extension allows you to manage the type of line endings (CRLF or LF) that are used in the repository and in the local working directory. That way you can get CRLF line endings on Windows and LF on Unix/Mac, thereby letting everybody use their OS native line endings.

The extension reads its configuration from a versioned .hgeol configuration file found in the root of the working directory. The .hgeol file use the same syntax as all other Mercurial configuration files. It uses two sections, [patterns] and [repository].

The [patterns] section specifies how line endings should be converted between the working directory and the repository. The format is specified by a file pattern. The first match is used, so put more specific patterns first. The available line endings are LF, CRLF, and BIN.

Files with the declared format of CRLF or LF are always checked out and stored in the repository in that format and files declared to be binary (BIN) are left unchanged. Additionally, native is an alias for checking out in the platform's default line ending: LF on Unix (including Mac OS X) and CRLF on Windows. Note that BIN (do nothing to line endings) is Mercurial's default behavior; it is only needed if you need to override a later, more general pattern.

The optional [repository] section specifies the line endings to use for files stored in the repository. It has a single setting, native, which determines the storage line endings for files declared as native in the [patterns] section. It can be set to LF or CRLF. The default is LF. For example, this means that on Windows, files configured as native (CRLF by default) will be converted to LF when stored in the repository. Files declared as LF, CRLF, or BIN in the [patterns] section are always stored as-is in the repository.

Example versioned .hgeol file:

**.py = native
**.vcproj = CRLF
**.txt = native
Makefile = LF
**.jpg = BIN

native = LF


The rules will first apply when files are touched in the working directory, e.g. by updating to null and back to tip to touch all files.

The extension uses an optional [eol] section read from both the normal Mercurial configuration files and the .hgeol file, with the latter overriding the former. You can use that section to control the overall behavior. There are three settings:

The extension provides cleverencode: and cleverdecode: filters like the deprecated win32text extension does. This means that you can disable win32text and enable eol and your filters will still work. You only need to these filters until you have prepared a .hgeol file.

The win32text.forbid* hooks provided by the win32text extension have been unified into a single hook named eol.checkheadshook. The hook will lookup the expected line endings from the .hgeol file, which means you must migrate to a .hgeol file first before using the hook. eol.checkheadshook only checks heads, intermediate invalid revisions will be pushed. To forbid them completely, use the eol.checkallhook hook. These hooks are best used as pretxnchangegroup hooks.

See hg help patterns for more information about the glob patterns used.