This extension is deprecated. You should use hg log -r "children(REV)" instead.



show the children of the given or working directory revision:

hg children [-r REV] [FILE]

Print the children of the working directory's revisions. If a revision is given via -r/--rev, the children of that revision will be printed. If a file argument is given, revision in which the file was last changed (after the working directory revision or the argument to --rev if given) is printed.

Please use hg log instead:

hg children => hg log -r "children(.)"
hg children -r REV => hg log -r "children(REV)"

See hg help log and hg help revsets.children.


-r, --rev <REV>
 show children of the specified revision (default: .)
--style <STYLE>
 display using template map file (DEPRECATED)
-T, --template <TEMPLATE>
 display with template