This extension provides an amend command that is similar to commit --amend but does not prompt an editor.



amend the working copy parent with all or specified outstanding changes:

hg amend [OPTION]... [FILE]...

Similar to hg commit --amend, but reuse the commit message without invoking editor, unless --edit was set.

See hg help commit for more details.


-A, --addremove
 mark new/missing files as added/removed before committing
-e, --edit invoke editor on commit messages
-i, --interactive
 use interactive mode
-n, --note <VALUE>
 store a note on the amend
-D, --currentdate
 record the current date as commit date
-I, --include <PATTERN[+]>
 include names matching the given patterns
-X, --exclude <PATTERN[+]>
 exclude names matching the given patterns
-m, --message <TEXT>
 use text as commit message
-l, --logfile <FILE>
 read commit message from file
-d, --date <DATE>
 record the specified date as commit date
-u, --user <USER>
 record the specified user as committer

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times